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Mark Parker, a former Nike executive, is appointed as the next chairman by Disney

Former Nike executive Mark Parker to lead Disney as chairman

by Camille Davis
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Mark Parker, a former Nike executive, is appointed as the next chairman by Disney

The Walt Disney Company has appointed Mark Parker, the former CEO of Nike and current executive chairman, as its new board chair, replacing Susan Arnold. Bob Iger, who recently returned as CEO, said in a statement that Parker’s “vision, incredible depth of experience and wise counsel have been invaluable to Disney.” Parker has been a Disney board member since 2016 and was chosen for his experience in successfully navigating a CEO transition at Nike. The company has also formed a CEO succession committee to replace Iger, who plans to hold the position for only two years. Disney is currently facing challenges in its streaming and media networks business.

There have also been rumors of conflict between Disney and its shareholders in addition to these difficulties. Dan Loeb, an activist investor, has recommended that Disney break off its ESPN division and take on the proper amount of debt, and Trian Partners, another activist shareholder group, has proposed Nelson Peltz for director. Despite opposing Peltz’s appointment to the board, Disney has stated that it will cooperate with him. This means that when Parker assumes the position of board chair, he will have his job cut out for him. He will be in charge of the business amid a period of transition, so he’ll have to manage the difficulties and conflicts it’s currently dealing with.

Parker will have a significant influence on how Disney develops in the future as the new board chair. To set the direction for the business, he will collaborate closely with CEO Bob Iger and the other board members. This entails tackling the problems that the streaming and media network industries are currently facing and figuring out how to adjust to the evolving media landscape. Iger intends to serve as CEO for only two years, so Parker will also be working to identify and get ready a replacement.

In addition, Parker will endeavor to resolve shareholder issues, especially those brought up by activist investors. This can entail exploring possibilities like spinning off the ESPN division or figuring out how to improve the business’s financial performance. He will also seek to make sure the business can continue to draw in and keep great personnel, which is essential to its success.

Overall, Parker’s selection to lead Disney’s board of directors comes at a pivotal time for the organization. He will be crucial in guiding the business through the problems and changes it is now facing because he brings a wealth of expertise and leadership abilities to the position.


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